Research in the UMass MRSEC is organized into Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs), each consisting of teams of researchers engaged in interdisciplinary projects.

Ongoing IRGs in the Center include Directed Polymer-based Assemblies that generates hierarchically ordered polymer systems based on positional control over nanoscale components, and Polymer Surface Instabilities that focuses on elastic instabilities in polymers to control morphology and generate rapid materials response. Numerous Seed Projects have arisen during the course of the Center involving work on Polymer Optoelectronics, Polymers for Bacterial Control, Single Molecule Imaging, and Materials for Mechanobiology. New projects emanate from exciting, high impact results in the IRGs and Seeds, combined with the most pressing fundamental materials opportunities available today. Center researchers seek to develop new frontiers in materials science and engineering, particularly in the areas of hybrid interfaces and programmable assembly.


The Center supported a Superseed project, Polymers in Ionic Liquids, which uncovered previously unknown features of the behavior of polymers in contact with ionic liquids (ILs).